Auxiliary 16-17

For use in 2017 Student Fee Survey!

The Auxiliary fee is used to pay for debt services on various campus facilities as well as to build a reserve fund to pay for repair to campus buildings such as the Commons, RAC swimming pool, Events Center, etc. It is fully supported by student fees. The proposed fee increase will go toward finishing construction on the Events Center as well as maintenance on the RAC swimming pool and outdoor track.

For full-time undergraduates: The fee is currently $520 per year and there is a proposed $16 per year (3.1%) increase. This will make the total fee $536 per year.

For part-time students and graduate students: There is no proposed increase, meaning the fee will remain at $23 per credit hour.

In summary

FT = Full time, PT = Part time

FY2017 ($) FY2018 ($) Increase ($) Increase (%)
FT Undergrad 520 536 16 3.1
PT Undergrad* 23 23 0 0
PT/FT Grad* 23 23 0 0

*Part-time undergraduates and both part-time and full-time graduate students pay student fees per credit hour (as opposed to a flat-rate for full-time undergraduates)

On our survey, the questions associated with this information are below:

  1. Do you agree with building a reserve to help maintain and repair the RAC swimming pool and outdoor track?
  2. Do you agree with the plan to pay off the events center?
  3. Do you agree with the proposed increases?

Auxiliary Fee Report as delivered to SFAB: AuxiliaryFee