Commons 18-19

For use in 2019 Student Fee Survey!

The Commons Fee is used to cover the facility expenses (utilities, IT support, housekeeping, facility renewal, & green initiatives) as well as the operation of the multiple departments within, including Campus Life, Off-Campus Student Services, Student Affairs Programming, Commonvision and so on. The Undergraduate full-time fee increase requested is a 2.4% increase of $16. This increase would be used to accommodate renovations of a flexible studying space, a new Late night and weekend life event coordinator, an increase in housekeeping costs, and a mandatory minimum wage increase.

For full-time undergraduates: The fee is currently $660 per year and there is a proposed $16 per year (2.4%) increase. This will make the total fee $676 per year.

For part-time students: The fee is currently $29 per credit hour and there is a proposed $1 per credit hour (3.4%) increase. This will make the total fee $30 per credit hour.

For graduate students: The fee is currently $28 per credit hour and there is a proposed $1 per credit hour (3.6%) increase. This will make the total fee $29 per credit hour.

In summary

FT = Full time, PT = Part time

FY2019 ($) FY2020 ($) Increase ($) Increase (%)
FT Undergrad 660 676 16 2.4
PT Undergrad* 29 30 1 3.4
PT/FT Grad* 28 29 1 3.6

*Part-time undergraduates and both part-time and full-time graduate students pay student fees per credit hour (as opposed to a flat-rate for full-time undergraduates)

On our survey, the questions associated with this information are below:

  1. Do you support the addition of a Late night weekend life coordinator position to the Commons?
  2. Do you support an increase in the Commons Fee to cover the cost of mandatory minimum wage increases?
  3. Do you agree with the proposed increases to the Commons Fee?

University Commons Fee Report as delivered to SFAB: UniversityCommonsFee