Auxiliary 18-19

For use in 2019 Student Fee Survey!

The Auxiliary Facilities Fee helps to support the construction, upgrade and maintenance of buildings and structures around campus. This fee is also used to pay off debt from loans the university has borrowed to finance large scale construction projects. Most recently this fee has been used to pay for the construction of The Commons, The RAC pool and outdoor track, and the new Event Center. This fee is entirely supported by student payments through the mandatory fee and is used to pay non-academic buildings which are not funded by the state. In addition to these services the Auxiliary Fee is also used to build a reserve emergency fund which can be used to repair buildings. This fund was used to pay for projects like The Commons roof and the RAC Floor after flooding.

For full-time undergraduate students the fee is currently $552 per year and there is a proposed increase of 2.9% or $16 per year, making the fee $568 for the 2020 fiscal year.

For part-time undergraduate students and all graduate students the fee is $24 per credit hour, there is no proposed increase for these students.

In summary

FT = Full time, PT = Part time

FY2019 ($) FY2020 ($) Increase ($) Increase (%)
FT Undergrad 552 568 16 2.9
PT Undergrad* 23 24 0 0
PT/FT Grad* 23 24 0 0

*Part-time undergraduates and both part-time and full-time graduate students pay student fees per credit hour (as opposed to a flat-rate for full-time undergraduates)

On our survey, the questions associated with this information are below:

  1. Do you think that extracurricular facilities such as the RAC, Event Center and outdoor fields contribute positively to student life and involvement at UMBC?
  2. Do you support the university being able to create a reserve fund in order to pay for emergency facility repairs?
  3. Do you support the use of student fees to fund the expenses mentioned in the previous two questions?
  4. Do you support an increase in the Auxiliary Fee?