Graduate 18-19

For use in 2019 Student Fee Survey!

The Graduate Program Fee (GPF) supports the Graduate Student Association (GSA). The GSA is tasked with:

  • Supporting, promoting, and representing all graduate students at UMBC;
  • Providing a forum for discussions of and recommendations on matters involving graduate students and their welfare at UMBC; and
  • Providing opportunities for intellectual, professional and social development through grants, public presentation of research, graduate community events, and campus service support

Approximately 60% of the total Graduate Program Fee goes toward the GSA Grants Program.

For full-time and part-time undergraduates: The fee is currently $0 and there is no proposed increase.

For graduate students: The fee is currently $17 per credit hour and there is no proposed increase.

In summary

FT = Full time, PT = Part time

FY2018 ($) FY2019 ($) Increase ($) Increase (%)
FT Undergrad 0 0 0 0
PT Undergrad 0 0 0 0
PT/FT Graduate 17 17 0 0

*Part-time undergraduates and both part-time and full-time graduate students pay student fees per credit hour (as opposed to a flat-rate for full-time undergraduates)

On our survey, the questions associated with this information are below:

  1. Do you know who your program representative is to the Graduate Senate?
  2. Do you feel that Graduate Student Organizations are a meaningful use of your funds?
  3. Do you feel that the Grants Program is a meaningful use of your funds?
  4. As a graduate student, what issues are most important to you?