Student Activities 16-17

For use in 2017 Student Fee Survey!


The Student Activities Fee is a fee that is mandatory for each undergraduate student to pay, both full-time students and part-time, that goes towards support for student life and organizations. Most campus life events, such as Quadmania and Homecoming, are funded completely under this fee.
The Student Activities Fee is managed by the Student Government Association (SGA) where funds are broken into five main chunks: SGA, The Retriever Weekly, Student Events Board (seb), Undergraduate clubs, and administrative overhead. The student activities budget will be moving to a biennial schedule, where the budget will be reviewed two years in advance. The proposed budget for 2018 will see an increase in SGA expenditures by $1,581 and then $73,771 in 2019. The increase is to bring more support for a growing student body and more student led initiatives around campus. All other areas where the student activity fee divides will remain unchanged.


For full-time undergraduates: The fee is currently $98 per year and there is a proposed $6 per year (6.1%) increase. This will make the total fee $104 per year.

For part-time students: The fee is currently $6 per credit hour and there is a proposed $1 per credit hour (16.7%) increase. This will make the total fee $7 per credit hour.

For graduate students: There is no proposed fee increase for graduate students, meaning that the fee will remain $0 per credit hour.

In summary

FT = Full time, PT = Part time

FY2018 ($) FY2019 ($) Increase ($) Increase (%)
FT Undergrad 98 104 6 6.1
PT Undergrad* 6 7 1 16.7
PT/FT Grad* 0 0 0 0

*Part-time undergraduates and both part-time and full-time graduate students pay student fees per credit hour (as opposed to a flat-rate for full-time undergraduates)

On our survey, the questions associated with this information are below:

  1. Do you agree with the increase in SGA funds?
  2. Do you think the proposed budget reflects the needs of our student body?

Student Activities Fee Report as delivered to SFAB: StudentActivityFee